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PHP Boilerplates: Frameworks & CMSs

A lot of people ask what the best PHP boilerplate to use is. Well, it depends on your requirements and preferences, but I’m going to show you some popular ones that will do a decent job for most applications.

PHP Boilerplates

Simple PHP Boilerplate

The Simple PHP Boilerplate is a simple and lightweight solution for quickly creating a basic PHP application. It includes a files controller, allowing you to easily manage the files and folders in your application, as well as a simple templating system so that you can quickly create your views. The boilerplate also includes basic security features and error handling, making it a great starting point for any PHP project.

Best PHP Frameworks & CMSs

When it comes to PHP boilerplates, people prefer frameworks or CMSs.


Frameworks are really good for large projects where you have a lot of custom functionality. If you’re starting on a new project and want to build on an existing structure that has a lot of related features already included I would recommend a framework. The downside is they tend to be bulky and increased load times. They also make it hard to build custom functionality outside of the original design.


CMS’s are a great solution if you just want to get something up and running quickly or if your requirements change a lot. CMS’s often come with a lot of similar software baked in which can be great for basic applications, but they also come with a few downsides. They can be bloated and slow, and you often can’t change the way they work without hacking around in the CMS’s codebase.

While PHP CMSs and frameworks are quite different from one another in terms of technicalities, all of them are equally important if you wish to build a quality website. Here are the top PHP CMSs and frameworks out there.

Top 5 PHP CMSs


This content management software is bound to make your life easy. Why? Well, it comes with an array of features that allow easy content authoring and enhanced security. Drupal can be used to develop any types of sites, from small scale site like a  personal blog to big scale site like a publisher’s news website without any coding.


WordPress serves to be one of the most popular CMSs, blog platform out there. WordPress can be installed and run smoothly without help from a technical person make it the best choice for many webmasters. The various built-in plugins and free updates also allow WordPress to stand apart.


This CMS is not only limited to the creation of online sites, but it can also be used to make a variety of online applications. However, the many modules need to be installed, which might be a factor that people wish to avoid.


Concrete5 envisions to empower its users by providing them with a lot of autonomy. Not only is the CMS quite efficient in its performance, but it is also accompanied by various SEO tools that make it an excellent choice for online business websites.


This PHP CMS has a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design and consists of complete support for HMVC. This CMS is driven by the community, which means that the software is constantly being made better.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks


Quality PHP frameworks can make all the difference, and Laravel succeeds in providing such quality. Laravel has many features that make development faster than ever. It has a big community to back it up.


Symfony is one of the many PHP frameworks that manage to simplify your task of coding by providing you with symphony coding that end repetitive coding tasks. It has hundreds of online documentation pages covering all features.


Those of you who wish for simplicity in a PHP framework will find CodeIgnitor to be a suitable option. This framework features a small footprint and a toolkit that is marked by ease of use.


This PHP framework, like many others, uses an MVC pattern which it uses for coding purposes. This generic framework can be used to create a variety of web applications, each of which uses PHP. Moreover, owing to its use of MVC, the software can be used for applications like portals, forums, CMS and other e-commerce projects.


This PHP framework is delivered as a C extension and is marked by the fact that it uses quite low consumption of the CPU, thereby ensuring that your hard drive memory is not constrained due to it. Its autoloading mechanism also allows for a fast performance which makes it usable by those who require fast results.


All in all, choosing quality PHP CMS or framework is the first step to guaranteeing the quality of your site. Make sure you select one wisely. It is hard to build greatness when your foundation is weak.

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