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8 Best Bottom Bar Packages for Flutter in 2023

A bottom bar navigation is a horizontal bar that is typically located at the bottom of an app’s screen. It provides a way for users to navigate between different parts of the app. The bar can contain icons or text links, which can be used to open menus, view information about the current screen or perform other actions.

Bottom bars are a key navigation element in many apps. In this roundup, we take a look at 8 of the best bottom bar packages for Flutter. Whether you’re looking for a package with built-in support for tabs or dropdowns, or one that lets you create completely customized designs, we’ve got you covered. So dive in and find the perfect package for your needs!

8 Best Bottom Bar Packages for Flutter


With salomon_bottom_bar, you’ll get a bottom navigation bar that is simple, sleek, and elegent. It’s the perfect way to add some style to your website!


If you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your app, try the convex_bottom_bar package! This Flutter package implements a ConvexAppBar widget, which allows you to showcase a stylish convex tab in your bottom bar. Whether you’re looking to add some flare or just need that extra bit of functionality, this app bar is sure to come in handy.


This package can help developers add a persistent bottom navigation bar to their Flutter apps in minutes, with up to 20 different style options. Plus, the highly customizable options make it easy to change your navbar as often as you like. 

This powerful and highly customizable component makes it easy to keep your users on track, no matter where they are in your app.


This easy-to-use package allows you to customize your tab view however you need, with an active/inactive state of tabs. The FAB is floating in the middle and the curve around it can be customized.


With the expandable_bottom_bar, you can add a cool, animatable bottom app bar to your project in minutes! This easy-to-use component is perfect for adding extra functionality or just giving your project a bit of style. Plus, the expandable sheet makes it easy to customize the bar exactly how you want it. So why wait? Add an expandable bottom bar to your project today!


Bottom bars are a great way to keep important navigation close at hand, and with this package, you can create one that looks amazing too! With FloatingActionButton, you’ll get a bottom bar that slides out from under the main content, complete with a sleek-looking sheet widget.


This animated navbar is a good way to give your website a bit of personality. Plus, it’s totally customizable, so you can make sure it matches your website’s look and feel. 


This widget provides a fun and engaging way to navigate your app. The animated snake on the bottom will change its course with every new item in the navigation bar, providing an entertaining way to keep track of where you are.


This versatile tool can be used as a bottom navigation bar or tab bar – perfect for any website looking to stand out from the crowd. Its cuberto UI/UX design is strictly followed, ensuring a sleek and professional look.

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