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12 Best Unity Game Templates in 2023

A game is a type of software that provides entertainment, usually in the form of interactive play. Games are also known as computer games or video games.

Games can be played on almost any device, but are often played on desktop computers and mobile devices. The goal may be to have fun or to compete with other players, while some games explore narrative worlds outside the player’s control. There are many different types of games around today all with their own purpose for why they were created and what they do for people who play them!

A Unity Game Template can help someone make their own game without having to worry about things like storyboards or level design because it has already been done by professional designers who know how best to go about making a good game before so they have made them into templates that people can now use, just by following the instructions provided. Making your own game is not as hard as you may think!

Unity Game Templates are available for all types of games including shooters, puzzles, side scrollers, and much more. Unity makes it easy to develop 2D & 3D games, deploying to iOS, Android, browsers, and desktops.

12 Best Unity Game Templates

RPG Builder

If you’ve ever wanted to create an RPG but didn’t know where to start, we’ve got good news – with RPG Builder, you don’t need any coding experience! This powerful editor comes packed with 31 different modules so that you can create the perfect game for your needs.

Whether your players are battling minions or exploring a dark dungeon, they’ll need believable and fluid animations. That’s why the developers have partnered with some of the best animation studios in the business to give you over 20 high-quality humanoid animations.

The developers want you to have everything you need to make your dream RPG a reality, which is why we’ve uploaded over 100 videos to their YouTube channel. They will take you through the process of building your game, from the modules you’ll be working with to best practices during development.

The kit’s network of partners is constantly growing (did we mention that we’re partnered with Unity Technologies?). With RPG Builder, you’ll have access to all the best assets, actors, plugins, and music that you can use to make your game come to life.

Tower Defense Toolkit 4

Tower Defense Toolkit 4 (TDTK) is an amazing coding framework that enables you to create tower defense games of any kind with ease. It comes packed with a variety of customizable scripts that give you the flexibility to fit any type of gameplay scenario. Plus, it’s mobile compatible so you can easily make your games published on Android or iOS stores!

There are many different gameplay mechanics that you can use in tower defense games with lots of customization options. This means that you can create any type of tower defense game that you can imagine.

The path system is easy to use and can be customized to create a variety of designs.

This kit supports a variety of roles for towers and creeps. You can set different stats for each one.

It is a game engine that primarily focuses on allowing users to generate their own stories and create unique gameplay experiences. It supports procedural spawning, as well as endless mode, as well as a built-in ability system for custom player abilities.

Easy integration of custom models and assets with a mobile-compatible framework means that you can create games with ease without having to worry about coding. Plus, TDTK comes packed with a full c# source code that allows for more flexibility.

UFPS : Ultimate FPS

If you’re looking for the best Unity FPS solution on the market, look no further than UFPS. This powerful tool has been battle-tested by tens of thousands of users and excels in all areas: PC, mobile, console, AI, networking, and VR.

It contains many unique features not typically found in other first-person controllers – from the spring system which allows for fluid, procedural first-person animations to the ability system that allows you to add new functionality without changing any of the core components.

Other unique features include being able to change the gravity direction or the time scale on a per-character basis. Whether you’re creating a game for PC, mobile, console, AI, networking, or VR applications – UFPS is sure to impress.

UFPS has been used by professional developers, enthusiast indie developers, universities, and high schools all over the world! It is easy to see why so many have chosen UFPS as their go-to first-person solution.

Top Down Shooter ToolKit (TDS-TK)

If you’re looking to create a top-down shooter game, the Top Down Shooter ToolKit (TDS-TK) is the perfect coding framework for you. This toolkit makes it easy to construct your game with C# scripting, and it comes with a bundle of scripts that are flexible and configurable to fit a variety of scenarios. With TDS-TK, you can easily integrate your own art assets to make your unique game.

Turn-Based ToolKit (TBTK)

Turn-Based ToolKit (TBTK) is the perfect solution for creating a variety of turn-based games. It’s easy to use and requires no coding skills, making it perfect for anyone with an idea for a TB game. TBTK is also mobile compatible, so your players can enjoy your game on the go.

One of TBTK’s strongest features is its flexibility. You can easily integrate your own custom art assets to give your game a unique appearance. The toolkit also supports various gameplay styles, so you can create the exact type of game you want. Whether you’re looking to build a strategy game or a puzzle game, TBTK has you covered.

City-Building Kit – Complete Version

The City-Building Kit – Complete Version has everything you need to create and manage your own city-building game.

The kit includes an economy system, building items art, character art, animated characters, terrain art, 2D integration, item data (XML), 12 creators C# scripts, construction/timer, 2D gameboard setup + scripting, player XP allocation, gestures (e.g.Drag-and-Drop), kinetic mobile scrolling, desktop mouse scrolling, HUD art and scripting, game store menu, in-app purchase menu, weather controls, nighttime gameplay support, defensive structures, defensive walls, terrain removables, selector scripts, camera controller, destruction effects, projectile effects, terrain collision, and many more.

ORK Framework – RPG Engine

Experienced developers have said that ORK Framework provides the best RPG experience because of all the features it offers. The flexibility, style, and interaction options are unparalleled in Unity-based games built on other frameworks.

It includes a flexible status system, an ability (skill) system, an inventory system, and an equipment system. You can also craft your own items and gear, create quests with automatic progress monitoring, and create AI for your characters that makes them act intelligently in battle and during movement.

ORK Framework also supports multiple languages, so you can share your game with the world. And if you ever get stuck or need help, our support team is always happy to assist.

To sum up, whether you want to create a complex MMORPG from scratch or just add some RPG flavor to your existing project with minimal effort, ORK’s framework is perfect for you.

2D+2.5D Platformer Corgi Engine 

The Corgi Engine is a popular 2D+2.5D platforming engine that has been used to create many successful indie games. It’s packed with features and constantly updated, making it the best tool for creating your own 2D or 2.5D platformer game.

The tight character controller gives your players the best possible experience, while the engine’s speed and portability make it work on desktops, mobiles, and anywhere else you want.

The Corgi Engine will help you unlock your game’s full potential, whether you’re a new Unity user just getting started or an experienced developer or studio.

Trivia Quiz

You can make a cool quiz game with this Unity template that includes a timer, lives, varying bonuses, and some nice audio-visual feedback.

Trivia Quiz is the perfect template for educators who want to give their students a fun and stimulating learning experience. The quiz examples range from simple trivia questions to more challenging image, video, and sound questions. There are also zoomed picture, true/false, and math quiz types.

With Trivia Quiz Game you can quickly create a game that is ready for release straight out of the box. Just build and play! You can even share your score to a leaderboard using the free DreamLo plugin. This kit supports all platforms – PC, Mac, iOS, Android etc.

Match 3 Sweet Sugar

Match 3 Sweet Sugar is the most complete match-3 tool for Unity. In Match 3 Sweet Sugar, players can build custom levels with any number of candy pieces they want to be placed on a board.

Match 3 Sweet Sugar has an easy-to-use level editor that you can use to create your own unique levels without any programming knowledge. The UI resizes to fit all types and resolutions of mobile devices, so you can play your creations on the go. Plus, there are 100 tested levels created for preview so you can get started right away.

Using this multitude of options, players can choose from difficulty settings that will allow or not allow gravity and teleports to optimize their strategy. They have an unlimited set of moves they can attempt per turn in order to clear blocks and collect candies for extra points. If a player is ready to publish their level, it’s an easy process as well – just publish your level with all its customization intact by clicking the “Publish” button at the top right corner!

Hexa Puzzle Block

With four difficulty levels and 240 challenging levels, this addictive block puzzler is sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment. Plus, thanks to the easy drag-and-drop interface, building the blocks is a breeze.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this block puzzle game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

It is a game kit that is suitable for developers who want to create block-style puzzle games.


With uMMO, you can easily manage your character configuration and animation synchronization. This makes it easy to keep your game looking and running smoothly, no matter how many players are online at the same time. Best of all, uMMO is completely compatible with Unity’s legacy and Mecanim systems, so you don’t have to worry about making any sacrifices in terms of features or compatibility.

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