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Python Boilerplates: Starter Kits, Frameworks and CMSs

Python is an extensively used general-purpose, advanced programming language. The design philosophy highlights code readability, while the syntax enables programmers to choose concepts in fewer lines of code that would be doable in languages like Java and C++.

Python boilerplates are code templates that consist of frequently used Python codes for fast development. They are pre-written source files that save time and reduce potential errors when writing programs or scripts.

Python is a multi-purpose programming language so depending on the projects, one can pick a framework or a CMS instead of small snippets of codes.

Best Python Frameworks and CMSs


This is consistent, flexible and very powerful python CMS. Made utilizing the Django framework, Mezzanine offers an open yet very extensible architecture which encourages diving as well as code hacking. This CMS is licensed by BSD and supported by an active and diverse community. Mezzanines look like WordPress which offer an intuitive interface for managing blog posts, pages, store products, form data, and other kinds of content. However, this CMS is also far different from others. This offers support for the PostgreSQL database and released under licensed by BSD.


If you are looking for a user-friendly content management system that is Python based, look no further than Django-cms. This is editor and developer friendly and an open source enterprise CMS based on the framework of Django. With this CMS, you can integrate your current Django apps with ease. Also, you can define editable parts easily, called placeholders, in the templates that fill with lots of diverse CMS content plugins. This content management system offers support for various kinds of databases which include PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MySQL as well as Oracle.


Aside from being free, Plone is also an open source CMS made on top of the Zope app server. It’s python based content management system called as Enterprise CMS and is normally utilized for intranets and as part of the web presence of big companies.


This is one of the most flexible CMS powered by Python. This CMS can be utilized to post a blog, document management system, intranet, a web portal, and you can install current quokka module like quokka cart to make an e-commerce application, or you can make a new module to meet your needs with ease.


This is web app framework powered by Python which takes account of full-featured, easy to use, lightweight as well as extensible CMS solution called the Kotti CMS. This continent management system is utilized to make rich cms like apps which the essential features such as security protection, workflows and work with hierarchical data. All extra features are offered by add-ons.


This is not powerful and fast Django based content management system, it is also the most elegant one. This open source CMS is licensed by BSD. It is made to provide unmatched user experience to website editors, with super fast page loads as well as responsive, slick user interface. At the same time, this is also made for developers, by developers. The Wagtail controls the power of the Django stock and can be extended endlessly. It can also personalize to accommodate and meet even the most complicated functionality and determined designs.

Djedi CMS

This is a super lightweight but very powerful content management system that has plug-ins, inline editing as well as presentation in mind.  This CMS sets apart from the rest when it comes to controlling manner. Your views, URLs, as well as templates keep intact and stay Django standard. You’ll not lose the power of your URLs or force to hook your views and logic backward-ish behind the content management system.


This is an essential toolkit or platform to create a content management system made with Django. This accompanies lots of packaged that aspire to meet the demand of major content portals. What is more, this CMS comes with a flexible structure for developing new apps. Some of the essential features of this CMD include written in Django, What You See Is What You Get editors, over one choice, container box manager, channel organization through a tree structure, default manager images and media file manager.  It has configurable custom container types, search engine optimization friendly  URLs as well as metadata, mobile detects, search engine, JVM compatible through Jython, as well as API for custom content types.


This is one of the most popular Django based CMS. With this CMS, it is now possible to make relatively complex sites and apps. This is technically more of a framework. It offers a good foundation with lots of extra functionality.  Not like the typical CMS tools, feinCMS needs a bit of skill. But, it brings lots of flexibilities with, as specific complicated tasks become easier to obtain with this tool. This content management system is very flexible, easy to customize, well-documents as well as feature rich.


This is one of the best Python content management system made on Django. This is developed under the Apache 2 license, which gives you flexibility while at the same time improving the safety of your business. This CMS allows a programmer to personalize widgets and for online marketers to make and optimize content for usability and SEO easily and stress-free. It has plain drag and drop interface which helps you publish complex easily.

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