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How to Merge 2 Objects in PHP

We need to merge 2 objects because we might need to use one of the object’s properties in the other object. In order to emrge 2 objects, we first convert them to arrays then use array_merge() function to merge them. Then cast the merged arraay to an object.

There is a limit with this method. This approach does not copy functions. So it requires both objects to not have methods and only contain variables.

$product1 = new stdClass();
$product1->id = 1;
$product1->name = 'LED Lamp';
$product1->brand = 'Xiao Mi';

$product2 = new stdClass();
$product2->id = 2;
$product2->name = 'Large Meeting Table';

$product = (object) array_merge((array) $product1, (array) $product2);

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