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How to Get the Latest Inserted Id in Laravel

An inserted id is an automatically-generated number that is assigned to a newly-added row in a database table. This number can be used to reference the row in subsequent queries. In Laravel, after you insert a new record into the database, you may need to get the id of the newly inserted record. For example, if you insert a new user into the user’s table, you may want to get the id of the new user in order to add that user to another table, such as a roles table.

$data = new Invoice;
$data->document = 'Invoice/2020/07';
$id = $data->id;

$saleId = DB::table('sales')->insertGetId([
    'document' => 'Invoice/2020/07'

$order = Order::create(['document' => 'Invoice/2020/07']);
$id = $order->value('id');

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