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Error: Class ‘App/Http/Controllers/config’ not found

When calling a static method of the Config class, you encounter this error:

In most cases, it happens because you haven’t included the use keyword. You can fix by adding this line use Config;.

use Config;

class EmailController extends Controller

    public function updateSMTP(){
        $smtp = Config::get('mail.mailers.smtp');

The Laravel framework utilizes a multitude of configuration files, which are all stored in the config directory. This centralization of configuration files makes it easy to modify the options available to you, as each one is clearly documented. intuitively know where to look when they need to make a change.

By keeping all of the configuration files in one place, Laravel makes it easy for developers to keep track of the various options available to them. As a result, you can spend less time fiddling with configuration settings and more time developing your application.

The Config facade provides you with an easy way to access your configuration values. Simply use the static methods get() or set() to read or write your configuration values. You may also use the has() method to check if a configuration value exists. If you need to access a nested configuration value, you can use the dot notation.

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