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Create DTOs (POJOs/POCOs) in Kotlin

A Data Transfer Object (DTO) is a class that is used to transfer data between two systems. In Kotlin, a DTO is an object that represents data that will be sent to or received from another system.

The purpose of a DTO is to encapsulate data so that it can be transferred between two systems in a format that is convenient for both systems. In Kotlin, a DTO can be used to transfer data between two systems by using the data class keyword.

data class Account(val username: String, val email: String, val password: String, val active: Boolean)

data class Product( var id: Int, var description: String, var price: Long )

Defining as above provides an Account and Product class with the following features:

  • getters and setters.
  • equals()
  • hashCode()
  • toString()
  • copy()
  • component1(), component2(), …componentN()

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