Kotlin Boilerplates for Android Apps

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language, with null safety and extension functions. It has features like lambdas and higher-order functions which makes it easier for developers to write code that is both functional and object-oriented.

Kotlin can be compiled into java bytecode or JavaScript source code. Kotlin was created by JetBrains in 2011, but it’s become popular since Google announced support for Kotlin on Android at the I/O conference. Now there are many resources available online to learn how to use this modern programming language such as tutorials, guides, books, courses from Udemy, etc…

If you’re an android developer, then you can find the best Kotlin boilerplates for your app development. These boilerplates are providing many features like standard architecture, persistence layer, data binding, and MVVM pattern with MVP which will reduce the time of mobile app development.

Best Kotlin Boilerplates for Android Apps

Android Starters

Android Starters offers developers a wide range of boilerplates to use as the foundation for their next Android project. These starters are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, and allow you to build Android projects with the clean architecture of your choice.

You can choose between MVVM, MVP, and other popular architectures, making it easy to get started on your new project quickly.

Android MVVM Boilerplate Creater

The Android MVVM Boilerplate Creator is a fast, easy way to get started with creating an Android app using the MVVM pattern. It generates all the basic code you need to get started, including packages for activities, fragments, models, repositories, and more.

It also imports all necessary libraries so you can start coding right away. The boilerplate uses Retrofit2 for networking, Dagger2 for dependency injection and Lifecycle for managing views and Activities.

It also includes dependencies and suggestions for further development after your boilerplate is created.

MVVM Boilerplate

The MVVM Boilerplate app is a great starting point for anyone looking to create an Android app using the MVVM pattern. It features a user sign-in and registration system, as well as a list of items that the user can access once they are signed in.

The app uses Retrofit for API calls, as well as Android Architecture Components like LiveData and ViewModel. This helps to keep your code organized and easy to read and maintain.

Additionally, this boilerplate comes with Kotlin Coroutines so you can take advantage of asynchronous programming without having to use AsyncTask!

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