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Free 2D Items

Are you looking to add some items into your RPG game? Maybe you are stuck on what types of items to include. If so, look no further! Here at we have created an array of 2D digital art that can be used in any game or project for free! We even have a few potions, flasks, and other magical objects as well as common everyday items like keys and money.

It’s highly likely that the majority of your game is going to require some sort of currency. Players are known to be greedier than any other type of player, so it makes sense that they would want more currency in order to buy items and gain an advantage over other players. Currency can take many forms, however there are certain types that work better for specific games depending on the genre. For example, free-to-play role playing games (RPGs) tend to use potions as their main form of currency because it gives players a way to heal themselves without having them pay money or wait until they find a healer/potion vendor who will sell them one.

Potions and Flasks

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