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FutureBuilder with ListView in Flutter

This blog post is an example of displaying data from a FutureBuilder to a ListView widget in Flutter. The FutureBuilder widget allows you to build futuristic user interfaces that are responsive and performant.

ListView is a scrolling widget that allows us to create a scrollable list of items. In order to use the ListView widget, you need to have a collection of items to display. In this case, we’re going to use a FutureBuilder to get data from an API and display it in a ListView.

class PickingPage extends StatefulWidget {
  final StockPicking? picking;

  const PickingPage(this.picking, {Key? key}) : super(key: key);

  _PickingPageState createState() => _PickingPageState();

class _PickingPageState extends State<PickingPage> {

	Future<List<StockMove>?>? _futureStockMoves;

	void initState() {

		//fetch stock moves on loading
		_futureStockMoves = _fetchStockMoves();


	Future<List<StockMove>?> _fetchStockMoves() async {
		StockMoveResponse response =
		    await _odooStockMove.searchByIds(widget.picking!.move_lines!);
		return response.stockMoves!;

	Widget build(BuildContext context) {
		return FutureBuilder<List<StockMove>?>(
	future: _futureStockMoves,
	builder: (ctx, snapshot) {
		  if (snapshot.connectionState == ConnectionState.done) {
		    if (snapshot.hasError) {
		      return const ErrorText();
		    } else if (snapshot.hasData) {
		      final moves = as List<StockMove>;

		      return Column(
		        mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.start,
		        crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start,
		        children: [
		              mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.start, 
		              children: [
		                  TextButton(onPressed: (){
		                    setState(() {

		                  }, child: const Text("Press Me", style:TextStyle(color: MyTheme.highlightColor),))
		          if (moves.isNotEmpty)
		                .map((item) => Text(
		            const Text('No product')

		  // Displaying LoadingSpinner to indicate waiting state
		  return CenterProgressIndicator();


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