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Codeigniter Boilerplates and Admin Panels

CodeIgniter is a powerful open-source PHP framework that helps you build websites faster and easier. It’s perfect for developing all sorts of web applications with its simple, yet powerful, features. Plus, it’s easy to learn and use, even for beginners.

If you’re looking for a great CodeIgniter boilerplate to start your next project with, look no further! This roundup includes some of the best options available, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Each boilerplate has its own unique features, so be sure to read through them all and choose the one that’s right for you.

Best Codeigniter Boilerplates

CodeIgniter 4 Application Boilerplate

If you’re looking to create a personalized back-office to power your company’s in-house operations, this CodeIgniter 4 Application Boilerplate serves as an excellent starting point.

With features like role-based permissions and the list of helpful design frameworks for theming, you’ll be up and running with your own application in no time!

And don’t forget to check out the other features this package has to offer, like the dynamically-generated menus. There’s sure to be something here that will help you get your application off the ground quickly and easily. Thanks for considering this CodeIgniter 4 Application Boilerplate!

CodeIgniter 3 Bootstrap

This boilerplate makes it easy to create a site that can accommodate all the different needs of brand tenants who want to market their products or services. Utilize scalability and security features like frontend controllers, permissions for admin areas, and an API component for data exchange with third parties to succeed in your next project.

It includes:

  • Ion Auth – authentication library
  • Bootstrap (v3.3.7) – popular frontend framework
  • Grocery CRUD (v1.5.8) – feature-rich library to build CRUD tables
  • Image CRUD (v0.6) – CRUD library for image management
  • AdminLTE (v2.3.11) – bootstrap theme for Admin Panel

Codeigniter 3 HMVC Boilerplate

This boilerplate is for creating Codeigniter 3 HMVC with Propel 2 ORM and OAuth2.

The Boilerplate is a starting point to develop secure, scalable, and modular applications using Codeigniter as the web framework.  It’s built on top of CodeIgniter HMVC modules that provide a testable environment for application development. Additionally, the Boilerplate comes with ORM and OAuth2 libraries to provide an easy way to work with data and authentication.

The Boilerplate is ideal for building large applications with a lot of modules. The modular structure makes it easy to scale the application and add new features. Additionally, the boilerplate comes with a comprehensive set of tests to make sure the application is stable and secure.

Admin Panels


This template of CodeIgniter 3 and AdminLTE 2 comes packed with everything you need to get up and running quickly, including the latest version of AdminLTE – one of the most popular open-source admin templates around. Plus, it’s fully responsive so it’ll look great on any device, and it’s easy to customize to fit your needs.

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