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5 Best Timeline Packages for Flutter

A timeline is a graphical representation of chronological data. It typically shows a series of events on a horizontal axis and the passage of time on a vertical axis. If you’re looking for a package to help you with timelines in your Flutter app, look no further! In this post, we’ll take a look at five of the best timeline packages available.


The Timeline package for Flutter is a powerful and easy-to-use package that can help you create beautiful timelines for your app. The package includes a variety of common styles that can be easily implemented with predefined components, as well as the ability to customize each range with themes.

The package offers support for vertical and horizontal timelines, alternating content, and the ability to combine with other Flutter widgets like Row, Column, and CustomScrollView. With all of these features, the Timeline package for Flutter is a great way to add some flare and functionality to your app.


The timeline_tile package is a great way to create highly customizable timelines with Flutter. With the flag hasIndicator, you can control whether an indicator should or shouldn’t be rendered, and the package supports 4 types of alignment: TimelineAlign.start, TimelineAlign.end,, and TimelineAlign.manual.

It is simple to create a timeline with different TimelineTiles:

  • First, add as many tiles as you want to the timeline, each with its own unique content.
  • Then, choose your preferred alignment for the timeline.
  • Finally, use the hasIndicator flag to control whether an indicator should be rendered on the timeline. 


Creating a daily timeline, timetable, Gantt chart, or other such visual can be a helpful way to organize and plan information. The Dynamic Timeline widget makes this process easy with its easy-to-use API and custom label builder.

Additionally, the timeline items are resizable, so that they can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of the user. This widget is a helpful tool for those who need a visual way to organize and plan information.


This widget can be used to make Event Timelines or Timelines for certain travel journeys. This widget provides easy customization of individual event bubbles. You can use this widget to easily create an interactive timeline that your users will love.

Simply provide the data for each event and the widget will do the rest. You can customize the look and feel of each event bubble to match your app’s design.


timeline_list is a package that can show a scrollable timeline. It consists of custom child widgets and custom icons. The package is capable of displaying three different types of timelines: left, center, and right.

It also supports on-demand child building with the Timeline.builder method, as well as custom icon and icon size support.

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