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6 Best Shared Preferences Packages for Flutter in 2023

If you’re developing a Flutter application, chances are you’ll need to use shared preferences at some point. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five of the best Shared Preferences packages available for Flutter. With any of these packages, you’ll be able to easily store and retrieve data from shared preferences in your Flutter apps.

The Best Shared Preferences Packages


This plugin makes it simple and straightforward to persist data in a platform-agnostic way. Whether you need to save a few settings or store a list of user IDs, shared_preferences is a suitable package. Plus, as an added bonus, the data can be stored asynchronously.

It supports many data types, including int, double, bool, String, and List<String>.


rx_shared_preferences can store data in a reactive, easy-to-use way. With rxdart streaming shared preferences, you can keep your app’s data flowing seamlessly while ensuring that your users have an optimal experience.

rx_shared_preferences makes it easy to keep your app’s user data in sync. This package provides a reactive stream wrapper around SharedPreferences, so you can easily update preferences in real-time.


With this library, you’ll have instant access to the most commonly used properties, functions, and convenience methods. They depend on the shared_preferences package so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.


Migrate your data from previous native apps with ease using this shared_preferences package! This copy of the shared_preferences package removes the pesky prefix from all of your key values, making the data migration process easier.


This library makes it easy to store and access your settings on any Windows device. Whether you’re looking to keep your app preferences in sync or just need a quick way to save some data, shared_preferences_windows is the right package.


With encrypted_shared_preferences, your app can store Shared Preferences data securely and efficiently. This plugin provides several different encryption modes to choose from, so you can find the right level of security for your needs. And because the data is encrypted, you can be sure that your users’ privacy is protected.

Supported modes:

  • CBC AESMode.cbc
  • CFB-64 AESMode.cfb64
  • CTR AESMode.ctr
  • ECB AESMode.ecb
  • OFB-64/GCTR AESMode.ofb64Gctr
  • OFB-64 AESMode.ofb64
  • SIC AESMode.sic

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