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5 Best PHP Encryption and Decryption Libraries in 2023

Online security is a vital concern for most businesses, but it can be difficult to get the right balance between protecting your data and making sure that your site remains usable. There are many different ways to encrypt and decrypt data, but when it comes to PHP, there are a few good libraries that can do the job. We’ve compiled a list of five PHP encryption libraries.


PrivateBin is a minimalist open-source PHP encryption and decryption library. This is especially useful when you want to share sensitive data with others but not have it looked at by prying eyes. Privatebin makes this possible without having the server store any of your pastes’ content which provides plausible deniability in case someone finds out about your insertion and sends the authorities to your server.

This plugin uses Data 256 bits AES encryption/decryption. You can use a password to protect your paste further which will prevent anyone who accidentally visits the link from being able to read it without the password.


Whatever the reason you need to use an encryption library, php-encryption is a library that makes it easy to encrypt and decrypt data in PHP. It requires PHP 5.6 or newer and OpenSSL 1.0.1 or newer, but we recommend using a version of PHP that still has security support, which should be 7.3 and above.

This library makes it easy to encode your data with a key or password so that it can be safely stored or transmitted online. It’s been created by developers who used to encounter insecure code on a daily basis, so you can be sure that your data is in good hands.

Encrypt your data with this library and you can be sure that it’s safe from prying eyes. The authors have created this library to help make the PHP encryption ecosystem a more secure place.


Halite is the easiest way to add cryptography to your PHP application. Halite is a high-level cryptography interface that relies on libsodium for all of its underlying cryptography operations. This makes it easy to add encryption and decryption capabilities to your website, without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details.


Libsodium is a reliable cryptography library that supports a variety of platforms?. This library provides a range of cryptographic primitives, making it the perfect choice for your next project. Plus, with features like symmetric-key authenticated encryption and password storage, you can be confident your data is safe and secure.


The PHP Secure Communications Library, or PHPSecLib, offers a comprehensive suite of cryptographic tools. Even though it exposes a low-level API, it is still recommended for PHP developers that lack a cryptography background. The benefits of using PHPSecLib include symmetric-key authentication, asymmetric-key anonymous encryption, and asymmetric-key digital signatures.

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