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7 Best Flutter Packages to Work with Excel and Word in 2023

Working with spreadsheets and word documents is a daunting task. With so many numbers, words, and formulas to juggle, it’s easy to make mistakes – or worse yet get stuck in an endless loop of corrections. That’s why you need the best flutter packages for Excel and Word! These seven packages will help you turn your long, complex documents into easy-to-read, accurate worksheets.

The Best Flutter Packages to Work with Excel and Word


With excel, you can easily create and manage Excel sheets on both the client and server sides. This library makes it easy to read, edit, and update your data. Whether you’re working on a personal project or a business application, excel is the perfect tool for the job.


With exceltoanything, you can easily convert your excel spreadsheet into JSON and SQLite. This makes it easy to work with data in a variety of formats and makes your data more accessible to other applications. With exceltoanything, you can turn any spreadsheet into useful file types for other apps.


Spreadsheet Decoder is the solution for decoding and updating spreadsheets for ODS and XLSX files. With this library, you’ll be able to get your spreadsheet data processed within an app!


essential_xlsx is the essential tool for developers building Excel XLSX files on the web. It streamlines the creation process by providing a simple interface and powerful features.


This library is perfect for developers who want to quickly create new Word documents based on a predefined template. Simply input the desired information into the content control tags, and the library will generate a brand new docx file for you. Just be sure to use Microsoft Word – other office programs don’t support content control tags and will not work with this library.


The flutter_filereader widget is a simple way to view files on your Android or iOS device. With support for a wide range of file types, you can view all your important documents with ease. It supports different document types such as PDF, Excel, PPT, and TXT.


With doctpl, you can quickly and easily generate word documents from templates. This plugin makes it easy to populate and format your documents.

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