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5 Best Flutter Color Picker Packages in 2023

It seems that with every new major release of Android, Google has added more and more color options for the users. This is a great addition as it allows you to customize your device and make it unique! However, sorting through all those colors can be difficult so today I am going over my 5 favorite Flutter color picker packages.

5 Best Color Picker Packages for Flutter

A color picker library is a library that helps developers to select colors in their applications. This is useful for things like selecting a theme or a color for text or an element on the screen. With so many different color options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

That’s why I wanted to share my 5 favorite Flutter color picker packages with you. All of these packages are available for free on and they all have great features that will make selecting colors a breeze!


Get a seamless, beautiful color wheel in your app with this easy-to-customize Flutter package!

You can choose from several animations to display the WheelColorPicker and choose between filling an OverlayEntry or providing one yourself. This package includes several presets that make it even simpler to utilize.


The o_color_picker Flutter package is a simple and fast 2-step color picker that supports shades and colors customization. This makes it the perfect choice for developers who need to work with colors in their apps. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly choose the perfect color for your project.


FlexColorPicker is a good library for anyone working with colors in Flutter. It offers a wide range of customizable color pickers, so you can always find the perfect one for your needs.

With its focus on desktop compatibility, it makes it easy to work with colors no matter where you are. Plus, its handy COPY-PASTE features make it easy to get the colors you need into and out of the picker.


Whether you need a single tab swatch, eye color slider, or a fully customized spectrum picker – Flutter Color Pickers can do it out of the box using just these few settings. They are highly customizable for all developers to fit their specific needs and design preferences.


A color picker widget that has a design that looks like it is created by Material Design guidelines. It offers different ways to display the selected color such as displaying your chosen color in a tile or circle, which allows you to economize on-screen space while showing off your app’s most important colors.

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