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JSON Country Codes

There are many different country codes used around the world to denote specific countries or regions. Some of the most commonly used country codes include ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3, and FIPS 10-4. Each of these codes is a unique identifier for a particular country or region and is typically used for data exchange and cataloging purposes.

All Countries in JSON Format

    {"name": "Afghanistan", "alpha2Code": " AF", "alpha3Code": "AFG"},
    {"name": "Albania", "alpha2Code": "AL", "alpha3Code": "ALB"},
    {"name": "Algeria", "alpha2Code": "DZ", "alpha3Code": "DZA"},
    {"name": "American Samoa", "alpha2Code": "AS", "alpha3Code": "ASM"},
    {"name": "Andorra", "alpha2Code": "AD", "alpha3Code": "AND"},
    {"name": "Angola", "alpha2Code": "AO", "alpha3Code": "AGO"},
    {"name": "Anguilla", "alpha2Code": "AI", "alpha3Code": "AIA"},
    {"name": "Antigua and Barbuda", "alpha2Code": "AG", "alpha3Code": "ATG"},
    {"name": "Argentina", "alpha2Code": "AR", "alpha3Code": "ARG"},
    {"name": "Armenia", "alpha2Code": "AM", "alpha3Code": "ARM"},
    {"name": "Aruba", "alpha2Code": "AW", "alpha3Code": "ABW"},
    {"name": "Australia", "alpha2Code": "AU", "alpha3Code": "AUS"},
    {"name": "Austria", "alpha2Code": "AT", "alpha3Code": "AUT"},
    {"name": "Azerbaijan", "alpha2Code": "AZ", "alpha3Code": "AZE"},
    {"name": "Bahamas", "alpha2Code": "BS", "alpha3Code": "BHS"},
    {"name": "Bahrain", "alpha2Code": "BH", "alpha3Code": "BHR"},
    {"name": "Bangladesh", "alpha2Code": "BD", "alpha3Code": "BGD"},
    {"name": "Barbados", "alpha2Code": "BB", "alpha3Code": "BRB"},
    {"name": "Belarus", "alpha2Code": "BY", "alpha3Code": "BLR"},
    {"name": "Belgium", "alpha2Code": "BE", "alpha3Code": "BEL"},
    {"name": "Belize", "alpha2Code": "BZ", "alpha3Code": "BLZ"},
    {"name": "Benin", "alpha2Code": "BJ", "alpha3Code": "BEN"},
    {"name": "Bermuda", "alpha2Code": "BM", "alpha3Code": "BMU"},
    {"name": "Bhutan", "alpha2Code": "BT", "alpha3Code": "BTN"},
    {"name": "Bolivia", "alpha2Code": "BO", "alpha3Code": "BOL"},
    {"name": "Bosnia and Herzegovina", "alpha2Code": "BA", "alpha3Code": "BIH"},
    {"name": "Botswana", "alpha2Code": "BW", "alpha3Code": "BWA"},
    {"name": "Brazil", "alpha2Code": "BR", "alpha3Code": "BRA"},
    {"name": "British Virgin Islands", "alpha2Code": "VG", "alpha3Code": "VGB"},
    {"name": "Brunei Darussalam", "alpha2Code": "BN", "alpha3Code": "BRN"},
    {"name": "Bulgaria", "alpha2Code": "BG", "alpha3Code": "BGR"},
    {"name": "Burkina Faso", "alpha2Code": "BF", "alpha3Code": "BFA"},
    {"name": "Burundi", "alpha2Code": "BI", "alpha3Code": "BDI"},
    {"name": "Cambodia", "alpha2Code": "KH", "alpha3Code": "KHM"},
    {"name": "Cameroon", "alpha2Code": "CM", "alpha3Code": "CMR"},
    {"name": "Canada", "alpha2Code": "CA", "alpha3Code": "CAN"},
    {"name": "Cape Verde", "alpha2Code": "CV", "alpha3Code": "CPV"},
    {"name": "Central African Republic", "alpha2Code": "CF", "alpha3Code": "CAF"},
    {"name": "Chad", "alpha2Code": "TD", "alpha3Code": "TCD"},
    {"name": "Chile", "alpha2Code": "CL", "alpha3Code": "CHL"},
    {"name": "China", "alpha2Code": "CN", "alpha3Code": "CHN"},
    {"name": "Hong Kong", "alpha2Code": "HK", "alpha3Code": " \n         HKG"},
    {"name": "Macao", "alpha2Code": "MO", "alpha3Code": "MAC"},
    {"name": "Colombia", "alpha2Code": "CO", "alpha3Code": "COL"},
    {"name": "Comoros", "alpha2Code": "KM", "alpha3Code": "COM"},
    {"name": "Congo", "alpha2Code": "CG", "alpha3Code": "COG"},
    {"name": "Costa Rica", "alpha2Code": "CR", "alpha3Code": "CRI"},
    {"name": "Côte d'Ivoire", "alpha2Code": "CI", "alpha3Code": "CIV"},
    {"name": "Croatia", "alpha2Code": "HR", "alpha3Code": "HRV"},
    {"name": "Cuba", "alpha2Code": "CU", "alpha3Code": "CUB"},
    {"name": "Cyprus", "alpha2Code": "CY", "alpha3Code": "CYP"},
    {"name": "Czech Republic", "alpha2Code": "CZ", "alpha3Code": "CZE"},
    {"name": "Denmark", "alpha2Code": "DK", "alpha3Code": "DNK"},
    {"name": "Djibouti", "alpha2Code": "DJ", "alpha3Code": "DJI"},
    {"name": "Dominica", "alpha2Code": "DM", "alpha3Code": "DMA"},
    {"name": "Dominican Republic", "alpha2Code": "DO", "alpha3Code": "DOM"},
    {"name": "Ecuador", "alpha2Code": "EC", "alpha3Code": "ECU"},
    {"name": "Egypt", "alpha2Code": "EG", "alpha3Code": "EGY"},
    {"name": "El Salvador", "alpha2Code": "SV", "alpha3Code": "SLV"},
    {"name": "Equatorial Guinea", "alpha2Code": "GQ", "alpha3Code": "GNQ"},
    {"name": "Eritrea", "alpha2Code": "ER", "alpha3Code": "ERI"},
    {"name": "Estonia", "alpha2Code": "EE", "alpha3Code": "EST"},
    {"name": "Ethiopia", "alpha2Code": "ET", "alpha3Code": "ETH"},
    {"name": "Faroe Islands", "alpha2Code": "FO", "alpha3Code": " \n      FRO"},
    {"name": "Fiji", "alpha2Code": "FJ", "alpha3Code": "FJI"},
    {"name": "Finland", "alpha2Code": "FI", "alpha3Code": "FIN"},
    {"name": "France", "alpha2Code": "FR", "alpha3Code": "FRA"},
    {"name": "French Guiana", "alpha2Code": "GF", "alpha3Code": "GUF"},
    {"name": "French Polynesia", "alpha2Code": "PF", "alpha3Code": "PYF"},
    {"name": "Gabon", "alpha2Code": "GA", "alpha3Code": "GAB"},
    {"name": "Gambia", "alpha2Code": "GM", "alpha3Code": "GMB"},
    {"name": "Georgia", "alpha2Code": "GE", "alpha3Code": "GEO"},
    {"name": "Germany", "alpha2Code": "DE", "alpha3Code": "DEU"},
    {"name": "Ghana", "alpha2Code": "GH", "alpha3Code": "GHA"},
    {"name": "Greece", "alpha2Code": "GR", "alpha3Code": "GRC"},
    {"name": "Greenland", "alpha2Code": "GL", "alpha3Code": "GRL"},
    {"name": "Grenada", "alpha2Code": "GD", "alpha3Code": "GRD"},
    {"name": "Guadeloupe", "alpha2Code": "GP", "alpha3Code": "GLP"},
    {"name": "Guam", "alpha2Code": "GU", "alpha3Code": "GUM"},
    {"name": "Guatemala", "alpha2Code": "GT", "alpha3Code": "GTM"},
    {"name": "Guinea-Bissau", "alpha2Code": "GW", "alpha3Code": "GNB"},
    {"name": "Haiti", "alpha2Code": "HT", "alpha3Code": "HTI"},
    {"name": "Honduras", "alpha2Code": "HN", "alpha3Code": "HND"},
    {"name": "Iceland", "alpha2Code": "IS", "alpha3Code": "ISL"},
    {"name": "Indonesia", "alpha2Code": "ID", "alpha3Code": "IDN"},
    {"name": "Iraq", "alpha2Code": "IQ", "alpha3Code": "IRQ"},
    {"name": "Italy", "alpha2Code": "IT", "alpha3Code": "ITA"},
    {"name": "Japan", "alpha2Code": "JP", "alpha3Code": "JPN"},
    {"name": "Jordan", "alpha2Code": "JO", "alpha3Code": "JOR"},
    {"name": "Kazakhstan", "alpha2Code": "KZ", "alpha3Code": "KAZ"},
    {"name": "Kenya", "alpha2Code": "KE", "alpha3Code": "KEN"},
    {"name": "Kiribati", "alpha2Code": "KI", "alpha3Code": "KIR"},
    {"name": "Korea", "alpha2Code": "KP", "alpha3Code": "PRK"},
    {"name": "Korea", "alpha2Code": "KR", "alpha3Code": "KOR"},
    {"name": "Kuwait", "alpha2Code": "KW", "alpha3Code": "KWT"},
    {"name": "Kyrgyzstan", "alpha2Code": "KG", "alpha3Code": "KGZ"},
    {"name": "Lao PDR", "alpha2Code": "LA", "alpha3Code": "LAO"},
    {"name": "Latvia", "alpha2Code": "LV", "alpha3Code": "LVA"},
    {"name": "Lebanon", "alpha2Code": "LB", "alpha3Code": "LBN"},
    {"name": "Lesotho", "alpha2Code": "LS", "alpha3Code": "LSO"},
    {"name": "Liberia", "alpha2Code": "LR", "alpha3Code": "LBR"},
    {"name": "Libya", "alpha2Code": "LY", "alpha3Code": "LBY"},
    {"name": "Liechtenstein", "alpha2Code": "LI", "alpha3Code": "LIE"},
    {"name": "Lithuania", "alpha2Code": "LT", "alpha3Code": "LTU"},
    {"name": "Luxembourg", "alpha2Code": "LU", "alpha3Code": "LUX"},
    {"name": "Madagascar", "alpha2Code": "MG", "alpha3Code": "MDG"},
    {"name": "Malawi", "alpha2Code": "MW", "alpha3Code": "MWI"},
    {"name": "Malaysia", "alpha2Code": "MY", "alpha3Code": "MYS"},
    {"name": "Maldives", "alpha2Code": "MV", "alpha3Code": "MDV"},
    {"name": "Mali", "alpha2Code": "ML", "alpha3Code": "MLI"},
    {"name": "Malta", "alpha2Code": "MT", "alpha3Code": "MLT"},
    {"name": "Marshall Islands", "alpha2Code": "MH", "alpha3Code": "MHL"},
    {"name": "Martinique", "alpha2Code": "MQ", "alpha3Code": "MTQ"},
    {"name": "Mauritania", "alpha2Code": "MR", "alpha3Code": "MRT"},
    {"name": "Mauritius", "alpha2Code": "MU", "alpha3Code": "MUS"},
    {"name": "Mexico", "alpha2Code": "MX", "alpha3Code": "MEX"},
    {"name": "Micronesia, Federated States of", "alpha2Code": "FM", "alpha3Code": "FSM"},
    {"name": "Moldova", "alpha2Code": "MD", "alpha3Code": "MDA"},
    {"name": "Monaco", "alpha2Code": "MC", "alpha3Code": "MCO"},
    {"name": "Mongolia", "alpha2Code": "MN", "alpha3Code": "MNG"},
    {"name": "Montenegro", "alpha2Code": "ME", "alpha3Code": "MNE"},
    {"name": "Montserrat", "alpha2Code": "MS", "alpha3Code": "MSR"},
    {"name": "Morocco", "alpha2Code": "MA", "alpha3Code": "MAR"},
    {"name": "Mozambique", "alpha2Code": "MZ", "alpha3Code": "MOZ"},
    {"name": "Myanmar", "alpha2Code": "MM", "alpha3Code": "MMR"},
    {"name": "Namibia", "alpha2Code": "NA", "alpha3Code": "NAM"},
    {"name": "Nauru", "alpha2Code": "NR", "alpha3Code": "NRU"},
    {"name": "Nepal", "alpha2Code": "NP", "alpha3Code": "NPL"},
    {"name": "Netherlands", "alpha2Code": "NL", "alpha3Code": "NLD"},
    {"name": "Netherlands Antilles", "alpha2Code": "AN", "alpha3Code": "ANT"},
    {"name": "New Caledonia", "alpha2Code": "NC", "alpha3Code": "NCL"},
    {"name": "New Zealand", "alpha2Code": "NZ", "alpha3Code": "NZL"},
    {"name": "Nicaragua", "alpha2Code": "NI", "alpha3Code": "NIC"},
    {"name": "Niger", "alpha2Code": "NE", "alpha3Code": "NER"},
    {"name": "Nigeria", "alpha2Code": "NG", "alpha3Code": "NGA"},
    {"name": "Northern Mariana Islands", "alpha2Code": "MP", "alpha3Code": "MNP"},
    {"name": "Norway", "alpha2Code": "NO", "alpha3Code": "NOR"},
    {"name": "Oman", "alpha2Code": "OM", "alpha3Code": "OMN"},
    {"name": "Pakistan", "alpha2Code": "PK", "alpha3Code": "PAK"},
    {"name": "Palau", "alpha2Code": "PW", "alpha3Code": "PLW"},
    {"name": "Palestinian Territory", "alpha2Code": "PS", "alpha3Code": " \n      PSE"},
    {"name": "Panama", "alpha2Code": "PA", "alpha3Code": "PAN"},
    {"name": "Papua New Guinea", "alpha2Code": "PG", "alpha3Code": "PNG"},
    {"name": "Paraguay", "alpha2Code": "PY", "alpha3Code": "PRY"},
    {"name": "Peru", "alpha2Code": "PE", "alpha3Code": "PER"},
    {"name": "Philippines", "alpha2Code": "PH", "alpha3Code": "PHL"},
    {"name": "Pitcairn", "alpha2Code": "PN", "alpha3Code": "PCN"},
    {"name": "Poland", "alpha2Code": "PL", "alpha3Code": "POL"},
    {"name": "Portugal", "alpha2Code": "PT", "alpha3Code": "PRT"},
    {"name": "Puerto Rico", "alpha2Code": "PR", "alpha3Code": "PRI"},
    {"name": "Qatar", "alpha2Code": "QA", "alpha3Code": "QAT"},
    {"name": "Réunion", "alpha2Code": "RE", "alpha3Code": "REU"},
    {"name": "Romania", "alpha2Code": "RO", "alpha3Code": "ROU"},
    {"name": "Russian Federation", "alpha2Code": "RU", "alpha3Code": "RUS"},
    {"name": "Rwanda", "alpha2Code": "RW", "alpha3Code": "RWA"},
    {"name": "Saint Kitts and Nevis", "alpha2Code": "KN", "alpha3Code": "KNA"},
    {"name": "Saint Lucia", "alpha2Code": "LC", "alpha3Code": "LCA"},
    {"name": "Saint Vincent and Grenadines", "alpha2Code": "VC", "alpha3Code": "VCT"},
    {"name": "Samoa", "alpha2Code": "WS", "alpha3Code": "WSM"},
    {"name": "San Marino", "alpha2Code": "SM", "alpha3Code": "SMR"},
    {"name": "Sao Tome and Principe", "alpha2Code": "ST", "alpha3Code": "STP"},
    {"name": "Saudi Arabia", "alpha2Code": "SA", "alpha3Code": "SAU"},
    {"name": "Senegal", "alpha2Code": "SN", "alpha3Code": "SEN"},
    {"name": "Serbia", "alpha2Code": "RS", "alpha3Code": "SRB"},
    {"name": "Seychelles", "alpha2Code": "SC", "alpha3Code": "SYC"},
    {"name": "Sierra Leone", "alpha2Code": "SL", "alpha3Code": "SLE"},
    {"name": "Singapore", "alpha2Code": "SG", "alpha3Code": "SGP"},
    {"name": "Slovakia", "alpha2Code": "SK", "alpha3Code": "SVK"},
    {"name": "Slovenia", "alpha2Code": "SI", "alpha3Code": "SVN"},
    {"name": "Solomon Islands", "alpha2Code": "SB", "alpha3Code": "SLB"},
    {"name": "Somalia", "alpha2Code": "SO", "alpha3Code": "SOM"},
    {"name": "South Africa", "alpha2Code": "ZA", "alpha3Code": "ZAF"},
    {"name": "Spain", "alpha2Code": "ES", "alpha3Code": "ESP"},
    {"name": "Sri Lanka", "alpha2Code": "LK", "alpha3Code": "LKA"},
    {"name": "Sudan", "alpha2Code": "SD", "alpha3Code": "SDN"},
    {"name": "Suriname", "alpha2Code": "SR", "alpha3Code": "SUR"},
    {"name": "Swaziland", "alpha2Code": "SZ", "alpha3Code": "SWZ"},
    {"name": "Sweden", "alpha2Code": "SE", "alpha3Code": "SWE"},
    {"name": "Switzerland", "alpha2Code": "CH", "alpha3Code": "CHE"},
    {"name": "Syrian Arab Republic", "alpha2Code": "SY", "alpha3Code": "SYR"},
    {"name": "Tajikistan", "alpha2Code": "TJ", "alpha3Code": "TJK"},
    {"name": "Tanzania", "alpha2Code": "TZ", "alpha3Code": "TZA"},
    {"name": "Thailand", "alpha2Code": "TH", "alpha3Code": "THA"},
    {"name": "Timor-Leste", "alpha2Code": "TL", "alpha3Code": "TLS"},
    {"name": "Togo", "alpha2Code": "TG", "alpha3Code": "TGO"},
    {"name": "Tonga", "alpha2Code": "TO", "alpha3Code": "TON"},
    {"name": "Trinidad and Tobago", "alpha2Code": "TT", "alpha3Code": "TTO"},
    {"name": "Tunisia", "alpha2Code": "TN", "alpha3Code": "TUN"},
    {"name": "Turkey", "alpha2Code": "TR", "alpha3Code": "TUR"},
    {"name": "Turkmenistan", "alpha2Code": "TM", "alpha3Code": "TKM"},
    {"name": "Tuvalu", "alpha2Code": "TV", "alpha3Code": "TUV"},
    {"name": "Uganda", "alpha2Code": "UG", "alpha3Code": "UGA"},
    {"name": "Ukraine", "alpha2Code": "UA", "alpha3Code": "UKR"},
    {"name": "United Arab Emirates", "alpha2Code": "AE", "alpha3Code": "ARE"},
    {"name": "United Kingdom", "alpha2Code": "GB", "alpha3Code": "GBR"},
    {"name": "United States of America", "alpha2Code": "US", "alpha3Code": "USA"},
    {"name": "Uruguay", "alpha2Code": "UY", "alpha3Code": "URY"},
    {"name": "Uzbekistan", "alpha2Code": "UZ", "alpha3Code": "UZB"},
    {"name": "Vanuatu", "alpha2Code": "VU", "alpha3Code": "VUT"},
    {"name": "Venezuela", "alpha2Code": "VE", "alpha3Code": "VEN"},
    {"name": "Viet Nam", "alpha2Code": "VN", "alpha3Code": "VNM"},
    {"name": "Virgin Islands, US", "alpha2Code": "VI", "alpha3Code": "VIR"},
    {"name": "Yemen", "alpha2Code": "YE", "alpha3Code": "YEM"},
    {"name": "Zambia", "alpha2Code": "ZM", "alpha3Code": "ZMB"},
    {"name": "Zimbabwe", "alpha2Code": "ZW", "alpha3Code": "ZWE"}

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code "US" is commonly used to refer to the United States, while the code "CA" is often used to denote Canada.

ISO 3166-1 alpha-3: The code "GBR" is commonly used to represent the United Kingdom, while the code "IND" is frequently used to refer to India.

FIPS 10-4: The FIPS 10-4 code "USA" is commonly used to represent the United States, while the code "CAN" is often used to denote Canada.

There are many other country codes that are used in different contexts, depending on the needs of the data or application in question. Regardless of which country code you are working with, it is important to understand how and when it should be used, as well as its limitations and potential drawbacks. With careful consideration and attention to detail, you can ensure your country codes are used effectively and accurately in all contexts.