Null-aware Operator Examples in Dart and Flutter

Null-aware operators are a new feature in the Flutter framework that allows you to call functions and pass arguments without checking for null. Null-aware operators allow developers to write cleaner, more concise code. In Dart and Flutter, there are four null-aware operators which allow you to check for null and take different actions based on whether or not a variable is null.

These operators are particularly useful when working with data that may or may not be null. For example, if you are retrieving data from a remote source, there is a chance that the data may not be available, in which case you would want to use the ?? operator to provide a default value.

  • ?. – This operator returns null if the variable is null, otherwise, it returns its value.
  • ?? – It returns a default value if the variable is null.
  • ??= – This operator is used to assign values to the variables that can be null.
  • …? – It checks if the list is null or not and carries out the operation accordingly.
List<int>? numberList = null;
print(numberList?.length); //null
List<int>? numberList = [1243, 34521, 943765];
print(numberList?.length); //3

String? productName;
print(productName ?? 'Phone'); //Phone
String? productName = "Crystal Ring";
print(productName ?? 'Phone'); //Crystal Ring

String? brand;
brand ??= 'Samsung';
print(brand); //Samsung

List<int>? brands;
print([...?brands, 'Apple']); //Apple

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