How to Extract a Column From a Multi-dimensional List in Python

A list is a data type that represents an ordered collection of objects. In Python, lists are written between square brackets [ and ] and contain comma-separated items. For example, the list [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’] contains three items, namely ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’.

Python provides an easy way to loop through a list and get a specific column.

keyboards = [['q', 'w', 'r'],
            ['a', 's', 'd'],
            ['z', 'x', 'c']]
first_col = [row[0] for row in keyboards]
print(first_col) #output: ['q', 'a', 'z']

brands = [{'label': 'Samsung', 'model': '121312412'}, {'label': 'Apple', 'model': '789615'}]
labels = [brand['label'] for brand in brands]
print(labels ) #output: ['Samsung', 'Apple']

You can extract a column via for loop:

newlist = []

for i in oldlist:

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